Be creative with laser scoring!

Add value

Laser scoring will not only improve the quality of the packaging and its functionality, but it will also make your product stand out in the supermarket shelves.


Easy and fun to open!

User-friendly opening 
Avoid wrap rage!
• Intelligent packaging is easy to open, no need for scissors and no product spillage
• The optimum is a defined tear structure and tear initiation that gives the user a controlled opening and guided tear
• Entire tear line is visible and can be used as design element
• A smart Tamper evident can be designed to the packaging



Enhanced shelf life

Tailored permeability by fine laser perforations (micro holes) ensure that your packaging breathes as fresh fruits and vegetables respirate. A controlled gas exchange ensures that the content stays fresh and have a long shelf life.Gas tightness/high barrier of the packaging will remain.

Differentiating pack look for brand identification 

Use laser cut windows as design elements and add extra features such as easy portioning/dosing instruction and be Playful. 



Laser scoring features are ideal for:

Frozen food
Snacks & confectionery
Any on-the-go food product
Processed meat
Hard cheese
Dry mixes and nutritional powders
Medical devices such as wound care & plasters
And much more!

How does it work?

The Flextrus laser scoring process selectively weakens a specific layer of the packaging material whilst ensuring that no barrier characteristics are lost in the process. 

A v-shaped channel is created in the top layer(s) or flexible film, thus generating the basis of a desired score line. 
Multilayer laminates are ideal for laser scoring because while one layer absorbs the laser beam for a precise score line, the other layers remain untouched. 
The process delivers a controlled score depth for 
Tear initiation and guided tear
Controlled gas or moisture barrier
Unique laser scored features and designs can be added to the packaging
Individual laser patterns can be produced in register with the print design
Entire tear line is visible and can be used as a design element
Window in different shapes and figures can be punched out from a paper based laminate.
The laser scoring is made in-line in Flextrus’ productions processes. No modifications are necessary in the packaging lines