Put our laboratory to good use

Flextrus has one of the most well equipped packaging laboratories in Europe. Here we offer a full range of comprehensive analytical laboratory services to address both material performances as well as cost issues. Our lab technicians and service teams work closely with you to deliver improved pack and process performance. In our ISO 9001 certified facilities, we perform thorough testing to meet the product specifications.

Laboratory test services include:

  • DSC thermal analysis
  • GC analysis
  • FTIR & UV/VIS spectroscopy
  • Intrinsic viscosity testing
  • Oxygen & water vapour transmission rate testing
  • Seal strength & hot-tack testing
  • Tensile & tear strength testing
  • Puncture resistance testing
  • Gelbo flex testing
  • Adhesion testing
  • Microscope analysis
  • Dye penetration testing
  • Optical density testing
  • Accelerated storage testing
  • Ink rub testing
  • Surf roughness testing
  • COF slip testing