Flexpeel® Release - release liners for easy-to-remove protective coating

Flexpeel® Release is a soft, protective film and liner for wound care dressings or adhesive bandages that is easy to remove. It serves as a protective coating, processing carrier or both. Flexpeel® Release liners are available in different colours. We can offer high quality flexo printing to ensure accurate product labelling and information.

Flexpeel® Release is ideally matched and fully compatible with our wide range of Flexpeel® Film and thermoformable products in creating, for instance, an integral sterile barrier system. Flextrus is ready to help you match the right product and on-pack design to cover your specific requirements.

All our materials are produced according to ISO 11607 part 1. We can support your needs for lab services, accurate documentation, including traceability reports as well as product technical data with clear specifications of material, inks, coatings, etc.

Quick overview of Flexpeel® Release

  • Advanced flexo printing for excellent graphic reproductions using water based ink Soft feel
  • Contributes to patient comfort during dressings changes: easy removal the release films with very low audible levels
  • Enables low adhesion levels
  • Suitable to silicon products
  • Suitable for steam, EO and/or irradiation sterilisation methods