Flextrus AirLite® – expanded lightweight base web for attractive healthcare products

Flextrus AirLite® is a range of expanded formable packaging materials based on PET. It can serve as part of an integral healthcare pack, reduce pack weight and add a sophisticated soft and light feel to the pack. Low density, chlorine-free and environmentally sound, Flextrus AirLite offers high processing on existing thermoforming lines (formability, cutting) without the need for new investments. Products such as cleansing pads and wipes and razors are a few examples of personal care products that can be packed with our AirLite range but it can be just as well suited for other healthcare products.

Flextrus AirLite materials are ideally matched and fully compatible with our wide range of Flexpeel® Paper and Flexpeel® Film products in creating, for instance, an integral healthcare packaging. Flextrus is ready to help you match the right product and on-pack design to cover your specific requirements.

Quick overview of the Flextrus AirLite® range

  • Semi-rigid material produced from pure PET; recycled and virgin
  • Expanded, low weight material results in environmental benefits and reduced packaging fees
  • Medium gas barrier, while always very high bacterial barrier
  • Excellent processing capabilities on existing Form Fill & Seal machines with superior formability and easy cutting
  • Attractive pearlised look and feel helps differentiate your product
  • White coloured by its nature, other colours available on request
  • Suitable for gas (ETO) and/or radiation sterilisation
  • All our materials are produced according to ISO 11607 part 1. We can support your needs for lab services, accurate documentation, including traceability reports as well as product technical data with clear specifications of material, inks, coatings, etc.