Flextrus works closely with our customers' to deliver packs with the right level barrier protection, convenience features and on-pack printing — on time, to the right quality and at the right cost. Your customised flexible pack from Flextrus will be adapted to your exact specifications and requirements. We do more to cover any and all of your needs.

Customised packaging solutions

Our range of customised pack solutions match thermoformable base webs, lidding films, integral bags as well as pouches and sachet materials. Adapted to your exact specifications and available as pre-made items with advanced flexo printed graphic reproductions, our tailored solutions are ideally matched to maximize the running conditions on your flow pack/horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) and vertical form fill seal (VFFS) lines. Our tailored solutions are all available for delivery on short notice - ideal if you require short turnaround times (10 working days for standard repeat orders). Or if your production tends to fluctuate in volume.

The right barrier protection

Our expertise in creating packs with sophisticated multi-layer barrier protection helps you precisely match your product’s tolerances to moisture, gases like oxygen and aromas. So your products preserve your desired taste and aromas while ensuring effective protection over a long shelf life.

The right brand expression

Whatever pack form you require, our advanced flexo printing expertise enables stunning, hi-quality graphic reproductions - helping boost visual and shelf appeal. We offer a range of materials that deliver a distinguished look & feel to support product differentiation. Like our paper-based materials, which meet consumer preferences for more environmentally friendly packaging.

The right features and options

We help you meet consumer demands for more convenience with an array of pack options for easy opening and/or reclosing. These include laser perforated pack solutions. We do everything in our power to make sure your product succeeds by ensuring you have the right pack for its current purpose, and can adapt quickly to new demands. Like adapting more environmentally sound materials.

The right support 

You are backed by your local Flextrus service team. Wherever you are, we are close to you with extensive knowledge and are ready to help you cover your needs for short lead times, meeting production fluctuations, maintaining optimum stock levels and more. We manufacture and distribute according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BRC requirements. And we can support your needs for accurate documentation, including traceability and product technical data with clear specifications of material, inks, coatings, etc.