Snacks & confectionery

Landing in the hands of today’s on-the-go consumers is a challenge. Our packaging solutions let you incorporate the right level of multi-layer barrier materials to protect and preserve your product, use stunning graphics to stand out on the shelf as well as offer an array of features to meet consumers appetite for on-the-go convenience.

You eat first with your eyes, then your nose, then your mouth - Old Chinese saying

Some snacks, nuts and confectionery contain a high portion of various fats. As fats can change over time and can cause products to become rancid, incorporating the right multi-layer barrier protection is important in preserving your desired taste and aroma long-term. Every snack or confectionary product requires its own unique pack to attract on-the-go consumers. On the one hand, your on-pack graphic reproduction — from visual, design and text elements — must entice consumers. On the other hand, your pack’s physical characteristics must facilitate convenience for both the producer and consumer. For instance, a well controlled easy opening feature, maybe combined with possibility to reclose the pack, positions you ahead of competition.

Flextrus works closely with our customers to deliver packs with the right level of barrier protection, convenience features and on-pack printing — on time, to the right quality and at the right cost. Whatever your needs and requirements entail, Flextrus keeps you covered.

Customised to cover your needs

Flextrus offers you customised solutions. All are based on our deep expertise and a full spectrum of materials for flexible packaging. Adapted to your exact specifications, our tailored solutions for snacks and confectionery products are listed below.