Fresh meat & poultry

The appearance of fresh meat and poultry products is a major factor amongst consumers when deciding which product to buy. The eyes of the consumer judge freshness and good packaging has a lot to offer in this respect.

Fresh meat and poultry are typically very sensitive food products. So incorporating the right combination of multi-layer barrier protection to deal with oxygen, moisture and light is critical. For instance, the right barriers effectively eliminate or control a low level of oxygen, which otherwise would spoil product and change the colour of these foods as well as lead to undesirable flavours and odours. Meanwhile, packs should provide a clear view of the product to demonstrate its visually appealing condition. Flextrus works closely with our customers to deliver packs with the right level of barrier protection, convenience features and on-pack printing — on time, to the right quality and at the right cost. Whatever your needs and requirements entail, Flextrus keeps you covered. 

Customised to cover your needs 

Flextrus offers you customised solutions. All are based on our deep expertise and a full spectrum of materials for flexible packaging. Adapted to your exact specifications, our tailored solutions for fresh meat and poultry products are listed below.