Dry mixes

In modern daily life, time is an ever more important and valuable factor when preparing a good meal. Flextrus’ product range is a perfect match for a wide range of convenient dehydrated food mixes, cereals and more.

Careful consideration must be given to assure the right barrier protection is used for effective protection over a long shelf life. For those dry mix & powder products that cannot come in contact with moisture, aluminium-based inner barriers are typically most effective and often puncture resistance is required to ensure pack integrity and product quality. For all types of dry food products it is very important that the pack delivers a strong visual appeal. Here, stunning on-pack printing helps you attract consumers from crowded store shelves.

Flextrus works closely with our customers to deliver packs with the right level of barrier protection, convenience features and on-pack printing — on time, to the right quality and at the right cost. Whatever your needs and requirements entail, Flextrus keeps you covered.

Customised to cover your needs

Flextrus offers you customised solutions. All are based on our deep expertise and a full spectrum of materials for flexible packaging. Adapted to your exact specifications, our tailored solutions for dry mixes and powdered food products are listed below.