Flextrus offers a range of products for use as bag-in-box packs for beverages and liquid foods. Examples of our customer products include various pre-mixed and concentrated juices, tomato pastes, wine and more.

Bag-in-box packs provide consumers with a more flexible, convenient and environmentally sound solution compared to traditional alternatives, such as glass bottles, PET bottles, and aluminium cans. We use the minimal amount of film in producing our lightweight and tight flexible packs, ensuring a low environmental impact. Our bag-box films are also foldable and collapsible, thereby contributing to low waste volumes.

We offer materials for beverages with excellent barrier protection against light and oxygen, thus preserving your desired tastes and aromas over a long shelf life. As well, they offer you high durability, seal integrity, puncture resistance and resistance to aggressive food substances.

Flextrus works closely with our customers to deliver packs with the right level of barrier protection, convenience features and on-pack printing — on time, to the right quality and at the right cost. Whatever your needs and requirements entail, Flextrus keeps you covered.

Customised to cover your needs

Flextrus offers you customised solutions. All are based on our deep expertise and a full spectrum of materials for flexible packaging. Adapted to your exact specifications, our tailored solutions for beverages and liquid foods are listed below.

Products used in this application