Flextrus - the right choice for Zoégas

Zoégas has been providing Swedish coffee-enthusiasts with premium coffee ever since 1886. As part of Nestlé they are Sweden’s biggest specialist and market leader in dark roasted coffee. To match the complexity of the product and the deep rooted traditions of Zoégas, European Buyer Ursula Persson turned to Flextrus and its advanced flexo technology. Zoégas thereby made a successful change from rotogravure to high quality flexo print in using Flextrus materials.

-    What I’m most satisfied with in this partnership is the innovation and responsiveness combined with an understanding from Flextrus for our brand tradition. Flextrus does not only present new techniques, but also show how they can enhance and develop our brand further, says Ursula Persson, European Buyer at Nestlé.

The relationship between Flextrus and Zoégas stretches back to the early 1930’s and the companies share common turf, both based in the south part of Sweden. When the collaboration was renewed in the beginning of 2012, Zoégas was looking for a supplier that could provide flexibility, higher speed to market, commitment and quality. With a requirement of high standards for printing, Zoégas had been hesitant to leave rotogravure behind. After consulting with Flextrus they decided to give the advanced flexo print a try which proved to be a recipe for success.

-    Compared to other techniques, Flextrus advanced flexo print has a wide range of possibilities and is highly developed. Changes can be made in hours, not days. This gives a fast access to the market with consistently high quality, says Anders Cederholm, Sales Manager Nordic at Flextrus.

The implementation of advanced flexo materials at Zoégas has proven a winning concept both in process and result. Much thanks to the high level of competence and support that Flextrus has in-house. From internal sales to product development and purchasing, Flextrus has provided Zoégas with genuine team effort. One vital part was Flextrus Prepress department which prepared and optimised each and every print design to fit advanced flexo technology.

-     “I’ve received a very positive response from both customers and colleagues regarding the print quality and I can only say that I’m as impressed as they are”, says Dan Fredriksson, Local Buyer at Zoégas.


Being proactive is key to Flextrus and the team is always searching for new, efficient ways to improve processes and end results. Being able to make alterations and finding new innovations is a big part of the flexible approach. Tanja Wirholm, Nordic Junior Brand Manager at Nestlé states that:

-    “There is never anything that can’t be done. Flextrus is both professional and personal, that’s also what differentiates them from other suppliers. They actually feel more like colleagues than suppliers, always with outstanding service and expert knowledge.”

Rickard Lindström, Production Manager at Zoégas shares the experience:

-    “At Zoégas we don’t need suppliers, we need partners. Someone to fill our competence gap and to understand the strength in our brand. Flextrus has let us grow into the process with patience, letting us use all the benefits of their services.”

The result of Flextrus and Zoégas collaboration has been so successful that Flextrus now increases its share at Zoégas to a single supply position of printed paper wrapping materials. In the continuous collaboration the Flextrus-team highlights the ability to be proactive in finding innovative solutions and developing current procedures at Zoégas. Rickard Lindström stresses how it’s priceless to work with a supplier who priorities innovation. But, he says:

-    “Really, it all comes down to the quality of the relations and in our case it’s as easy as picking up the phone.”