Food for Progress in cooperation with Flextrus

Food for Progress are pleased with its cooperation with Flextrus in the launch of Oumph!

Food for Progress thanks Flextrus for great cooperation in connection to the launch of Oumph!. Oumph! was granted the award ‘Årets Dagligvara’ 2016 after last year’s successful launch of a product that has fulfilled a new consumer need. Flextrus has together with Food for Progress been able to exceed expectations in terms of production speed and delivery times which has contributed to the successful launch. Co-founder and Head of Progress Strategy Anna-Kajsa Lidell at Food for Progress comments: “Flextrus flexibility and warm welcoming has meant a lot. It’s really nice to work with real professionals”.

Oumph! presents soy protein in a whole new way, turning green food to an “everyday food”. The success of Oumph! proves that when sustainable alternatives to everyday food is tasty, attractive and advertised with unexpected methods, it can change the world, one meal at a time!

The prize ”Årets Dagligvara” is awarded to a product that has during the previous year had a particularly successful launch, contributed to the development and fulfillment of a new consumer need. The prize is awarded by professional organisations DLF- Dagligvaruleverantörers Förbund, Svensk Dagligvaruhandel and marketing analysis company Nielsen.