Knowledge is key for Familjen Dafgård

With all the components of a true Swedish family company, Familjen Dafgård has been developing food cooking for over three generations. The company has extensive food knowledge and expects nothing less when it comes to partner competence. Their supplier requirements are particularly high, as are the rewards of a good collaboration. After several years of successful partnership, Flextrus is on its way of becoming a sole supplier of print and materials for the company’s popular Billy’s brand.

-    I’m not only buying a product, I’m buying knowledge”, says Anders Wretman, Buyer at Familjen Dafgård.

With a long term partnership through re-organisations and changes in both print and packaging materials, Flextrus and Familjen Dafgård know how to optimise each other’s growth. Anders Cederholm, Sales Manager Nordic at Flextrus, stresses the importance that Flextrus responsiveness has had for the relationship between the companies. From reducing lead times by standardizing procedures, to enabling cost-efficient alterations in materials, the Flextrus-team has worked dedicated to provide the best solutions for Familjen Dafgård.  

-    “Flextrus in-house competence collaborates to support and meet the customer’s needs. For instance, our Internal Sales department has worked closely with our technical support and Prepress-team in direct dialogue with Familjen Dafgård”, says Anders Cederholm.

Anders Wretman is unanimous, highlighting the value of Flextrus costumer focus:

-    “As an engaged customer we need to work with people who has something to contribute with. We expect knowledge as well as support and Flextrus delivers both.”

In addition to Flextrus becoming a supplier of the ready-to-eat Billy’s-selection, Familjen Dafgård also made the change from rotogravure to Flextrus high quality flexo print. Billy’s frozen pan pizzas are a familiarity in most Swedish homes and require consistency in print quality. Satisfied with the result, Anders Wretman has confidence in Flextrus ability to continuously meet high expectations, stating that:

-  “Flextrus knows how to spell customer, therefore we consider them to be a partner to grow with”.