Eye-catching packaging in the bar production!

In collaboration with Bars Production, Flextrus and AR Packaging Digital developed several promotional print designs with a sophisticated look and with the aim to use as many digital print features as possible. In this joint project we explored all the possibilities and used techniques such as various kinds of varnishes, holographic effects and the method to add variable data. The result? First class designs!

In addition to the primary flow-wrap packaging, we also developed a matching carton based display packaging. A consistent message is used on all packaging in order to efficiently market  the content, which in this case is a chocolate bar with numerous different flavors.

- It is appreciative when our collaboration partner are so pleased with the result that they promotes our digital printing services to their own customers and partners. Working with Bars Production is very easy and entertaining, they feel like colleagues, says Henrik Stenkil, Business Development at AR Packaging Digital. 


Packaging influences brand value

A key to successful sales strategy is how your packaging works and looks. That’s why customised printed wrappers make an ideal packaging for this kind of bars. The wrappers can be printed on film, foil, or paper materials to best suit your specific product and packaging design. With the knowledge, innovation and techniques of Flextrus and AR Packaging Digital, we can even make an outdated packaging become a true eye-catcher.

Bars Production´s CEO Rickard Schelander is pleased that, with the possibilities of digital printing technology, has been able to broaden its customer offering with small and flexible series.


How it works!

We´re live from both ours and Bars’ production and showing our fascinating processes all the way down into details. Watch the video and see more about this exciting collaboration between us and Bars Production.