Blå Band Expedition meal - convenient pack in the toughest of situations

Campbell's and Flextrus have jointly developed a new “Cook in the pouch”-solution with superior consumer convenience thanks to wide opening and marks inside the pack for easy dosing.

Blå Band is a well recognised Campbell’s brand with a wide range of dry & ready meals. Their Expedition Meals are complete freeze-dried meals intended for outdoor use, originally by the military. The meals are easy to prepare by simply tearing the top off the pouch, adding boiling water, closing the pouch and eating directly out of it.

The packaging, which was developed in cooperation between Campbell's and Flextrus, is made of a high barrier Flextrus Transofoil® laminate with outstanding mechanical strength and incorporated print on the inside for correct dosing of water. Material thickness and sealing layer were tailored for this specific application.

In order to make the product truly convenient, the pack is wide and shallow to ease eating directly out of it and the special labels provide extra insulation.

Blå Band Expedition Meals are recommended by many. They were awarded Best Buy in TGO Magazine's Backpacking Meals test in the July 2012 issue. The product and packaging is appreciated by one of the Sweden's most accomplished adventurers, Ola Skinnarmo, who still holds the record for being the youngest ever to ski alone to the South Pole. Recent expeditions have included the North Pole, Svalbard and Mongolia. Click here to see a video of him using Blå Band Expedition Meal (in Swedish with English subtitles).