We keep you covered

Strong brands must adapt rapidly to stay ahead in today’s competitive markets. Business conditions and marketplace dynamics change. New opportunities emerge. Product packaging is where your brand touches your customers and most products have just seconds to engage the average consumer from its shelf.

Your packaging must do more to stand out and reinforce the quality of your brand.

Flextrus understands that it takes both personal commitment and flexibility for top brands to continually land in the hands of consumers. We are personally committed to protecting and reinforcing the quality of your products and providing superior service to keep the needs of our customers and their brands covered in today’s rapidly evolving world. We keep you covered.

Flexible people

Flextrus realises that each customer has unique opportunities and requirements that must be met in order to make them perform at their best. We believe that better performance is the result of close collaboration - and the creativity and expertise comprised in joint customer-supplier teams. That is why we focus on partnering with customers to constantly improve their ability to quickly adapt better packaging solutions.

Our material specialists and technical service experts are ready to work closely with your people. Together, we can quickly adapt the right packaging functions, designs and features to make sure your product succeeds. We ensure you have the right packaging for its current purpose, and can adapt quickly to new demands, marketplace dynamics or consumer preferences. We do more to cover any and all of your needs.

Flexibility and innovation

Flextrus offers customised flexible packaging adapted to meet your exact specifications for functional, look and feel, and printing requirements. We can adapt to more environmentally sound materials, add packaging features that improve consumer convenience and ensure that you have the proper documentation to demonstrate product quality. Our tailored solutions are ideally matched to maximize the running conditions on your production lines and our pre-made items are ideal if you require short turnaround times or if your production tends to fluctuate in volume. 

We offer you premium packing features to:

  • Protect product quality, taste, aroma and freshness
  • Keep or prolong product shelf-life
  • Boost shelf appeal from stunning, high-quality graphics
  • Create pack durability by resisting puncturing, scratches and tears
  • Prevent tampering and provide easy opening and reclosing