Working with a purpose

With our firm belief that the best is yet to come, we welcome challenges as well as opportunities, steadily anchored in our vision and values.

Our vision:

  • Flextrus is the natural choice for our customers, suppliers, employees and other partners.

Our business concept: 

  • We reinforce the quality, appearance and feel of our customers’ products with innovative flexible packaging.
  • We support our customers’ development and success.
  • We achieve results in a long-term, sustainable way by means of close customer cooperation, expertise and flexibility.

Our core values are:  

  • Close to customers
  • Competence
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Quality

Close to customers:

  • We are available, engaged and committed
  • We are trustworthy and accountable
  • We understand and participate on all levels

Success through innovation:

  • We have world-class capabilities to develop optimised solutions for our customers’ needs
  • We are driven by focus and simplification

People and competence:

  • We have core competences and skills to meet our customers requirements
  • Quality, flexibility and delivery are cornerstones of our solutions
  • We dare to participate and act

Responsible approach to sustainability:

  • We deliver packaging that saves more than it costs in the total value chain
  • We continuously work to minimize our environmental impact
  • We strive for long-term customer relation