Developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), a UK trade organization that represents the interests of the UK retailers, in conjunction with the Institute of Packaging, the BRC Global Standard - Packaging and Other Packaging Materials was originally created to establish a standard for the suppliers of packaging and packaging materials for the food industry. This standard is now a leading global standard adopted by major retailers, manufacturers and packaging businesses around the world.

The standard is designed to assist packaging manufacturers and converters to adopt good manufacturing practices and supporting quality management systems to develop and manufacture safe, legal packaging materials meeting their customer’s quality requirements. Certification to the standard verifies technical performance, aids manufacturers’ fulfillment of legal obligations and helps provide protection to the consumer.


The requirements of the standard cover:

  1. Senior management commitment and continual improvement
  2. Hazard and risk management system
  3. Technical management systems
  4. Site standards control and waste management.
  5. Product and process control
  6. Personnel