Quality counts. That's why ensuring the right delivery, made to the right facility, on time, at the right cost and to the right quality level is fundamental to everything we do at Flextrus. Flextrus conducts raw material supply, production planning, manufacturing and distribution according to several well established international standards. Our products are produced in harmony with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements, as well as more specific industry requirements like BRC/IoP, cGMP, ISO 11607-1, ISO 15378 and sustainable managed forestry norms. More important, we are dedicated to meeting our customers' exacting standards. For instance, each pack we produce is specifically made to fulfil the performance specifications and batch-to-batch reproducibility required in the food and healthcare industries. Through clear ordering and delivery routines, you can count on your packaging being supplied to the right quality and quantity at the right time. 

Certification overview

Flextrus follows the applicable laws and regulations in the countries we operate. Besides this minimum requirement, our different operations have many customer requirements and standards to live up to. Use the menu below to find out more about the requirements and standards we fulfill.