Local efforts

Working environment

Remake of office areas, production offices and lunch rooms with strong focus on improved working environment and improved ergonomic aspects such as using electronically adjustable desks, noise reduction, etc


Flextrus AB in Lund has an active cooperation with the Lund University with for example giving lectures at the University and running joint development projects. In addition to this knowledge transfer, we recruit temporary employees for the summer period among students within technical engineering and offer practical job training.


Safety day for all employees was arranged in 2014 when production was stopped for one day to have mandatory safety training including firefighting, hygiene training, risk assessment, stress management training etc. Thanks to successful outcome and positive feedback this is now planned to perform once per year.

Energy control & consumption

•    Control of propane gas burners, which are used in printing and extrusion processes for drying ink, primers and lacquers by
      hot air, as well as the mixing of gas/air ratio has been optimised.
•    Frequency control of cooling water pumps.
•    The new frequency controller regulates the pump to use only the required power, instead of always operating at full rpm.
      This gives a positive effect of 21 TEUR per year.
•    Optimisation of automatic control system for energy and supply:
•    Ventilation system is programmed to automatically switch off at pre-set hours.
•    Frequency controlling of fans.
•    Heat exchangers are installed to recycle exhaust air from the extrusion processes in order to maximise energy
      consumption efficiency.
•    Positive impact in general and with up to 20 TEUR expected saving per year.
•    Traditional mercury lightings in storage areas are replaced by ‘’state-of-the art’’ LED lighting. This gives a positive effect of
      21.000 kW corresponding to approximately 12 TEUR per year.
•    LED lighting (motion controlled lighting switches) is installed in dressing rooms and toilets giving savings of in total 9 TEUR
     per year.

Hygiene & food safety

All three Flextrus plants are certified under BRC. In 2015 Lund was also certified according to FSSC 22000. Both standards follow the high requirements of hygiene to fulfill the needs of our customers but also meet statutory and regulatory requirements related to our products.