Packaging that saves more than it costs

Consumers view packaging and packaging recycling as a major aspect of the environmental issue. Contrary to popular belief, effective flexible packaging saves more for the future, keeps prices down as well as reduces the cost of transport, distribution, storage and retailing. Flextrus is committed to advancing its people, materials, products and processes to deliver flexible packaging that contributes to a better future. 

Less wastage

Our packaging significantly prolongs the amount of time consumers can use our customer’s products, thereby decreasing the amount of spoiled food and/or product wastage. For example, packaging of vegetables in our semi-permeable flexible films can extend shelf life from one to seven days.

Lightweight flexible packs that save so much 

Flextrus actively works with customers to increase the amount of both flexible and renewable materials present in their packs. For our customers, adapting to flexible packs involves conversion from other packaging forms, like glass bottles, PET bottles, rigid cartons and metal cans. Importantly, our flexible packaging typically weighs just a fraction of traditional packaging alternatives. Their low weight alone saves resources and offers our customers significant economic savings during transport and waste handling.

Minimal amounts of material

Flextrus saves resources by using the minimal amount of material to manufacture lightweight, flexible packaging. With the development of technology, plastic packaging is lighter and stronger than ever before. We reduce raw material need by making thinner and lighter products and by eliminating waste. Due to the lightweight of our packs, fuel consumption emissions are also reduced in the transportation of products.

New packs from renewable sources

Flextrus lightweight, flexible packaging is often, and increasingly, produced from renewable and recycled raw materials in an optimised process. This results in thin, tight and light packaging with minimal waste. We are able to increase the amounts of renewable materials present in consumer packs. Some recent examples include our paper-based packaging solutions, like PaperLite®, Fibrecote® and Foilbond®. All of our paper-based packaging materials are sourced from sustainable forests. Our Flexpeel® Paper range for sterilisation is manufactured from elementary chlorine free pulp without additional artificial brightening agents. PaperLite® is FSC®-certified (license code C-068028). Furthermore, we source only clean raw materials that require minimal amounts of additives prior to production. Saving resources saves the environment – that is why our lightweight, flexible packs are a smarter choice for a greener future.

Committed to corporate social responsibility

Flextrus is committed to conducting its business in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. We aim to contribute to the positive development of the communities in which our products are used – as well as those in which we conduct our operations. We continually strive to improve and develop our corporate responsibility performance and have therefore established and follow values, policies and guidelines to support us in our daily operations.

Our initiatives are based on our core values of closeness to our customers, sustainability, competence and innovation. Our approach to corporate social responsibility entails closely and continuously monitoring our affect on the planet and society through:

  • Our people
  • Our products and processes
  • Our profits